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Mr Pat Condell Himself! Pat Condell is a brave man and I say that with upmost respect to him, although I disagree with the manner that is used, he is not scared and God bless free speech that allows him to continue. His videos, link is at the bottom, deals with how religion more or less affects his world. He has every right to comment about what he sees wrong in the world and he should keep going. I don’t agree with his manner because I don’t really view this particular approach as providing anything useful, if he is serious and I am pretty sure that he is, then there are much better ways of getting his point across. He is a source of great entertainment and I enjoy watching what only can be described as a rant on various religious topics. I do find it very funny that he has posted on his website some of the feedback, not the fact he did it rather the comments people are making about his videos. I have removed the letters of the swear words but I can assure you no one wrote it with * in place. Bare in mind Armstrong’s perspective that all the Abrahamic religions are based on the golden rule of compassion and lets see if these comments adhere to it:

“you know i would blow your f**king head with pistol without thinking about it,,,”

Oh, I love how religion is such a golden thing, it speaks on so many levels!

“this guy in the video is a kufar yeah inshah allah i hope he and his family die from cancer some should shot on his for head this white trash no offance to good white people i wish even a new born baby in this man family has cancer wish your daughter grandaughter get raped”

COMPASSION – its nice to hear that punishing women in Condell’s family made it to the feedback, anyone would think that Islam treated women as cattle.

“u racist f**k, where u live…. people like you should be shot at birth…….. better still sooner u die the better racist motherf**ker”

Ok now I know I am not that clever and all but isn’t being racist when you discriminate against people that are not like you? I think a lot of racist people have made the comment; you should be shot at birth.

Look the simple fact is that people have different opinions about different things, if you cannot accept that then you should only interact with people that think like you. I don’t really understand why people go out there way to make threats and I mean threats at people because they don’t think like them. Has this done any good other than showing the world what religion really is? By the way, I am saying that it’s violent, just for those that are not following me! Threatening people does not work in a free society, Pat Condell still is making his videos and even if he was not there is no chance that he would change his mind about the whole religion thing. If you want to express an opinion then do so but put some effort into it. Why is he wrong? Examples, points of reference, evidence and in effect present your argument against. Don’t mindlessly threaten people that just makes you an idiot on every level.



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