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Please don’t mistake this as anything other than an examination of the gay gene and by far this is not the rejection of the ontological worth any individual places on their inner world that includes the belief that they were born gay. If anyone does truly believe that they were born gay then of course this holds immense value to them by which no method should it ever be undermined. This follows on from a conversation that I had with someone who does believe that. Whilst they were citing functional magnetic resonance imaging and genetics, the strange notion came across that there were simply two choices. The first is that people are born gay and the other that through learning & being brought up in a certain fashion or perhaps by some bad experience with the opposite sex, that they have chosen their sexuality. This in itself is a fallacy, a product of thinking more about reductionism than complexity. There is much more to understanding sexuality than these two opposing perspectives. While I cannot reproduce the complexity of this issue, maybe the suggestion of the combination of both nature and nurture is valid. Still that is not my point, I don’t know where sexuality really comes from but here I reject the notion of being born gay on two grounds.

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iceIt would be nice to think that each of us is different; each with differing views, differing opinions and perhaps the uniqueness of us is perfectly that. This is the explicit lie; if we all were different none of us would even be alive. At birth the bunch of neurons that later create the useful mental functions and the delusion of ourselves start to form. At this point there is very little to determine whether we like fish or hate the stuff, there is little to decide whatsoever. We only know we are alive since we are told we are, once we remove the idea of alive or dead, none of us are either. Removing pain, love or hate removes the ability of feeling those things. It was not until the flash of light that happens to some of us, some of the time, that things started to exist. Neither the world nor anything held within it was there until it was created in the mass understanding that started to be created, once the first thing created the second followed, nothing was there until it was slowly fashioned imperfectly and shared. Heat is not created by fire; it started its own survival because it understood the remuneration of being beneficial, then it carried on only because it then created an alternative to itself. Once it created itself and it created the cold, it started to live and has been living all this time. If it never created itself, then we would not need heat or the cold, because we simply would never understand the difference or desire the need for being something different. If all our dreams were to turn out true, then why would anyone create heaven and if heaven was never created then would we have ever understood what being dead is?More importantly, do you know what alive is? I have never felt it, so how can something people can’t feel and is more or less untouchable be real. No one has ever been anything else than alive, it’s easy to say being alive is not being dead. That is just not a good enough answer to anything. Would we be led to believe the only way to understanding what being set on fire feels like, is to immerse in ice. Wait… let’s see. If heat created itself first to only then have to create cold, would death have been created before life, life only being understood as it provides death with the benefit of what it is like to be dead. Most people don’t know what life feels like, until they almost die. Only when understanding what dead is, can you understand what life is. It should be always our aim to almost die every day, only avoiding its completion.

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www.Ted.com – Interesting talks and discussions on many things, mostly around science, cultural and social problems.

www.richarddawkins.net  – The Man that started my belief of in non-religion.

www.patcondell.net  – this guy funny and against religion, although sometimes the logic is not there he certainly makes me laugh.

www.hitchensweb.com  – insulting and rude, still he always makes a good point!

http://www.thesciencenetwork.org  – Interesting and thought provoking

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