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In matters of justice the statement ‘There but for the grace of God I go’ should never have to apply, we should demand the same result from any legal ruling to uphold the same standard. Our laws are designed to be fair, just and most importantly to apply to everyone on equal terms, this is important because the statue of justice outside of the Old Bailey Central Criminal Courts in London wears a blindfold to represent something. Not only is justice inescapable it also means that it should never depend upon who is seeking justice and who has committed the crime, it should be blind to these things and only consider the facts of the case. Sharia Law in the UK is already being used through the Arbitration Act 1996, involving both civil and criminal matters. To a certain extent rather than both UK law and Sharia Law working together, the normal form of justice is being removed all together. No one should have a problem with any community seeking justice still everyone should have a problem when they use laws to make unfair judgements legal which are only justifiable to those who follow certain religious beliefs. Most importantly it’s not about taking power away from just courts, Sharia courts have every right to apply British law as long as it remains just, fair and the right thing to do.

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Marcus Brigstocke audio commentary is not only a funny look at the role of religion in his life but it also contains some of the deeper issues. Of course, a funny look is always a better start than a serious one.

This is really is the general British view of religion – it has the attitude of Dawkins and Hitchens about the concept of a children being not of any religion. Also how religion and education should be two different things, schools should be there to simply teach rather than brain wash and reinforce the belief in an overlord with the only reason because religious leaders said so!

Religion should never receive special treatment, to say that you are not allowed talk about its imperfections only serves to weaken the idea of religion rather than strengthen it. It should be worrying that religious people are more worried about defending a faith rather than living the ‘moderate’ & kind ideas that they claim make up faith. Claiming that religion gives them morality that can’t be found anywhere else, is a lie.

It really is just a start…

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